Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing Basics is a site created for small-business owners, web developers, entrepreneurs and aspiring marketers who want to gain insights, strategies, resources and tips to achieve success with digital marketing. This website is developed and maintained by a college marketing professor who teaches courses in Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and Advertising.

The primary benefits to readers are the insights, strategies and perspectives shared in a database of articles on various topics related to digital marketing basics. If you are a bit farther along in your familiarity with this important category of marketing promotion, you can also find plenty of advanced features and tips.

Additionally, you have access to a number of other free digital marketing resources, including a glossary with concept definitions, e-mail newsletter updates, marketing eBooks and period promotional giveaways. Are you a website or blog operator who recognizes the need for high-quality content, but you don’t have the desire or time to create it? I offer content writing services as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Read an article, share your feedback, learn some of the critical terms and concepts that digital marketers know, and make the most of your experience in learning digital marketing basics!

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College marketing professor Neil Kokemuller

Neil Kokemuller is a college marketing professor, content creator and MBA
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